Surgical mask type II 50 pieces

Surgical mask type II 50 pieces


I class medical device

In compliance with the new European Regulation 2017/745 and with the UNI EN 14683:2019

Surgical mask made up of:

  • 3 layers of non-woven fabric
  • Latex Free Strings
  • Nose clip



  • Before putting the mask on, make sure your hands have adequately been sanitized with alcohol based solutions.
  • Lay the face mask on the palm of your hand. Verify that the nose pad is positioned upward and visible and that the bands are free.
  • Gently put the mask under your chin. Then, place the nose pad on your nose.
  • While holding the face mask, place the bands behind your ears.
  • Adjust the mask to cover your nose, mouth and chin.
  • Using both hands, push the nose pad in order to make it perfectly fit on your face. The mask should adhere to guarantee there are no gaps between your skin and the filtering material.
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